Of course I will save money on controls and gauges by staying with Evinrude, but many people have recommended that I go to a four stroke because of fuel economy, savings on oil, smooth, quiet, etc What are your thoughtsYamaha four-stroke 225 vs Evinrude E-TEC 225? By fitting OEM Honda parts you are adding the Honda reliability and build quality to your motor that you won't get by using aftermarket imitation parts. 3 to 250 horsepower, including jet outboards from 40 to 105 horses. I think that the engine is a vital part of the machine and contributes greatly to its reliability. So you may be better prepared for outboard purchases. Is there any reason to aim for anything but Tohatsu? Yamaha is probably most common, if i see outboard, it's usually Yamaha. good bad or not its your choice , all have good wrntys these days and under the consumer grantee's act you have a valid claim if anything goes seriously amiss within the first 24 month or so The Honda BF8 and BF9. net we specialize in supplying Yamaha outboard owners with genuine Yamaha outboard motor parts. Eta: Yamaha also offers an extended warranty. 6L V8 outboards, including the 300HP Verado. 6L VTEC engine that incorporates technological advancements from both Honda's automotive and marine outboard engine lines. I bought this Honda outboard because I love Honda products but with only 20 hours on it and it misfires like crazy at 4000 rpm can’t hardly hold on to the tiller handle it is ok above 4000 rpm and below 4000 most of the time but seems like I get misfires at full trotted now to bad for Honda beautiful looking but not working out Honda dealer is trying to help but can’t come to see it on the The new engine is a 4-cylinder, 1,496cc (91. I know Yamaha has a good track record but, what are some of the reasons why E-Tec is not favored. I am planning to buy a 15 hp 4 stroke Yamaha or Honda (for use in fishing here in central Florida) on a 350 lb 14' aluminum boat but am unable to find any users to advise me RE which is the better outboard motor. The Honda is about 90 lbs. Aftermarket Aluminum Prop. Why have you chosen Suzuki rather than Honda, Mercury, Tohatsu… etc. All 3 of the motors have their issues if you do enough research, but the Honda has the most reliability concerns from what I read. 35 kg) to get a decent lengthwise trim. Feb 21, 2015 · Just curious if anyone has run a 250 honda on a puma/ cougar eyra. Dec 06, 2006 · No body beats Suzuki in reliability for 4 stroke outboards period ! Honda is the lightest but I don't like the carbs or the price. 3) Improved fuel economy compared to my 250 two strokes that were replaced (i. Since that time I have purchased 3 Honda's and they have all been flawless! What are your thoughts on the quality and reliability of the Mercury and Honda outboard motors? Thank you for your opinions. Guy said he had it for 6mos and decided to buy a bigger boat. Can't speak specifically about the Super Tenere but I wouldn't hesitate to buy from either company due to concerns over reliability or workmanship. I was told at the time that the smaller Mercury outboards suffered from poor quality control. Re: Honda vs. Two-stroke outboards in the U. Honda: This is a bike with a formal DNA, meaning a bike which is reliable with mileage, Stability, Consistent in performance delivery and most importantly soothing feel. Yamaha outboard motors are known for their reliable strength and durability. There was a hint of rasp to the sound during acceleration, giving it a slightly sporty edge, which we liked. Have you recently purchased a new boat or decided on which one you’re getting? Congratulations! Now comes the fun part: choosing the right engine. " Date Although Yamaha created a kit to try to correct these problems, it has not issued any technical service bulletins or recalls regarding the motors. Both these outboards are chock full of innovations and represent the future of high horsepower outboards needed to propel ever larger center consoles. Honda Marine offers four-stroke outboards from 2. Yamaha and Honda are the first to accept this challenge. Honda vs Evinrude vs Mercury vs Yamaha etc #3673434 03/21/15 09:08 PM: Mercury 2) Yamaha 3) Honda 4) Evinrude. Although the big HP motors are top notch, there small motors are top notch as well. Jan 14, 2016 · We pit six of the best 5hp outboard engines against each other in a head-to-head group test on the Solent to find out which is best. Honda and Yamaha outboard engines have revolutionized boating. Yamaha, Evinrude and Suzuki. It's super quiet and good on gas. 5HP I am trying to decide between the Honda BF2D 2. 1, so the Suzuki is down on torque compared to the Yamaha. If you are running lower than that designed range ( different for every motor) then you are lugging it and any experienced outboard mechanic will tell you this is as bad as redlining one all the time. DOWNLOADS. Owners Manuals Legendary Quality Based on Honda Accord and CRV. . I've always been a die-hard Yami fan because of reliability. Better reliability. The company designs outboards with many different power levels. At Boats. Though Honda and Yamaha are rivals in outboard engines, these two companies produce top rated outboards. 5 to 425 horsepower motors. (I took the current bestselling Yamaha F40/70 hp 2020 Yamaha Outboards For Sale,Suzuki Outboard Motors,Honda Marine,Genuine 2 Four 4 Stroke Boat Engines with Free shipping. Just ask someone that works on 4 stroke outboards, you'll see what I mean. many years and hours of trouble free reliability. The Yamaha, Suzuki and Optimax all require an initial 20 hour service and then a service once a year or every 100 hours. If I wanted another 20 year outboard my bet would go on the lighter loaded bigger displacement Honda. PTT, electric start and tiller controls a Honda vs Evinrude vs Mercury vs Yamaha etc Mercury is THEE WORST outboard you can buy. Honda is committed to producing one engine for use in all 50 states. The Tohatsu/Merc and the Suzuki are both more reliable than the Honda and both fairly easy to work on. When it comes to the Yamaha vs. Yamaha began producing outboard motors in 1958  2019 OUTBOARD MOTOR BUYER'S GUIDE - Whether outfitting a new boat or YAMAHA The big news from Yamaha for 2019 is the market availability of their new The argument of two-stroke versus four-stroke has plusses and minuses for years of proven Honda engineering, precision manufacturing and reliability. vs Suzuki 60hp 4 strokes I have a perfectly good 40hp Merc 2 stroke tiller, want a little more power so I am checking out 60's (boat's max). Oct 21, 2018 · If I’m going to be objective and thorough when discussing Honda generators vs Yamaha, we also have to consider that a generator is more than merely an engine. 16 Jul 2019 But lately, there's been a lot of action from every major manufacturer—Mercury, Yamaha, Evinrude and Suzuki. During the past decade outboard engines have grown dramatically in size, popularity, and reliability, with technological advancements so important that the once-settled two-stroke versus four-stroke debate has been re-opened, alternative fuel outboards have become a viable option, and significant benefits like joystick steering are now a consideration. Honda motors have been ranked top of their class by Popular Mechanics and JD Power & Associates. Backed by decades of innovation and leadership, Mercury outboards are built to go the distance, delivering legendary performance driven by I have maintained different makes and models of outboards for many years and if your oil level in a four stroke is rising after use then you are getting gas in your oil. I had a merc 9. Popular Mechanics noted that the 4-stroke Honda BF115 was the quietest, most fuel-efficient motor in its class. 9hp 25" shaft (w/ elec start and power tilt) on our new C-250, but a Honda+Yamaha dealer told me that the Yamahas outsell Hondas by something like 10:1 in his shop. We had a 2007 Honda 5hp (4-cycle) on our C-18, and it was wonderful: quiet, reliable, easy to use, and economical. 7L I-4 DOHC. Mechanically Remote-Controlled Four Stroke V6 Outboard Mar 21, 2015 · Why Buy a Four-Stroke Outboard vs. 3 horsepower four-stroke engine, one of the company’s smallest and most lightweight engines. the pinion gear rides up and makes the noise only in fwd Holy crap, Honda $8100 + $800 to install, Suzuki $8199 + $800 to install, M Honda vs. My 1999 75hp has had no breakdowns or problems yet. So on what I perceive to be higher build quality and better reliability I'd chose the Honda. And with Honda's exclusive True 5 warranty, the best warranty in the business. Aug 15, 2012 · +1 Yamaha! I worked at West Marine. Be nice to the fish “Because the water raises rice and the fishes live in the water, I don’t want to contaminate it”. The Tohatsu 9. In this article, we do the unthinkable; we try to draw a comparison between the two. Honda Outboard Motors. Yamaha is proud to share stories from their owners and boaters. Take just 53 seconds Honda vs Yamaha outboard. For those who are still a little confused as to the  24 Jul 2018 The Yamaha V6 outboards, covering from 225 to 300 horsepower, Suzuki guys love their V6s too, and Honda owners often swear by That's a testament to reliability, and we note that the 4. What that means is that you have to PAY ATTENTION to how you store it or even have it oriented while sailing. increased range). Honda Marine focused on improving the user experience for boaters with the redesigned Honda BF75, BF90 and BF100 outboard motors. Sea-Doo Reliability. The Honda BF25 and BF30 are 4-stroke marine engines. Replacing the existing Honda BF2 model, the Honda BF2. I owned and 1988 8 hp Merc (built buy Yamaha) and people didn't believe me it was 8 hp. 8L, and the Honda is damn near 2. Aug 19, 2013 · The Merc is only a 1. Hundreds of BF225s are put into service for the U. The story begins in the mid 1990s when the EPA decided it was time that outboard motor companies start to clean up the exhaust emissions of their motors. Find helpful customer reviews and review ratings for Honda Marine BF2. com. Honda presents the first four-stroke outboard. Jan 04, 2017 · Yamaha advertised its outboard motors as "high-power" engines with "unmatched reliability and durability. I have ridden and owned many Honda and Yamaha motorcycles. I'm interested in E-Tec because of the low CO readings and less scheduled maintenance and less moving 1) Honda's reputation for reliability. 2017 Yamaha F300 4. The V8s also caused a stir among big trailerboats. Plus it's got 5 more amps from the alternator to run electronics. You are invited to join our public Boat Repair Forum to seek assistance from other members. If you are an automobile freak, then you know for sure that the companies Honda and Yamaha are stalwarts in their own respect. The time frame the EPA gave was going to be a challenge to both companies. Honda Marine is the only manufacturer offering over 15 four-stroke models. In the end, it’s the alternator that produces the electricity that we use. Environmentally Friendly. Portable, fuel efficient, and powerful. Our 139-cc 6-hp portable is an impressive little outboard. Honda Vs. Easier to use features. 2L Offshore UCA Outboard Motor. Yamaha V-6 Offshore Outboards versus Mercury Verado Outboard Engines | FishTalk Magazine Add to that their efficiency, performance and reliability and these pint-sized powerhouses are perfect for all sorts of light duty, like hopping to the cuddy on a tender. 5 hp to 400 hp. Both Mercury and Yamaha have long histories of producing quality outboard motors. Fuel Efficiency Comparison: Evinrude E-TEC G2 300 Vs. Next boat must have a Honda 4 stroke. Compare Honda Marine High Power Outboards to help find the right model for your boat. 9 2 stroke before that it was 30 years old and still running when the water pump went out and I sold it for $250 to a marina owner in PA. Honda has been in operation since 1946. Honda 25 HP 4 Nov 02, 2011 · Hello, let me start out by saying that I'm a Outboard lover and was wondering if anyone has ever seen or heard about a competition between the newer 4 stroke series outboards, all you see on You tube and other sites are the good old E-tec vs yamaha 4-stroke, where the Evinrude sinks the Yami into the water. Feb 21, 2018 · Tohatsu outboards are noticeable cheaper than similar models from Yamaha, Honda and Suzuki. Perfect for offshore dual or center consoles, walkarounds, runabouts and pontoons, the 4. Whether you are buying a motor from Suzuki, Yamaha, Honda, Tohatsu, or Mercury, please remember to have your automobile inspected. Customers will appreciate the long-term reliability and performance that the BF200 provides with its V6 design, steel cylinder sleeves, BLAST system for explosive hole shots and Lean Burn Control technology to automatically adjust the air/fuel mix, maximizing power and 2018 Yamaha Offshore 4. The Honda motors are probably the most reliable and they were the first ones to pioneer the 4 stroke marine outboards. . Sea-Doo argument, the core of the debate is usually reliability. superior power, performance, efficiency and reliability for more than 30 years. Customers also Aug 13, 2015 · The honda is a pretty good engine. Honda Marine Launches All-New BF2. If you are looking to wake the waters, stop by our dealership and find the Yamaha Outboards for your boat in Bayville, NJ near Philadelphia, PA and NY. 5M 4-stroke outboard. 9hp are reliable, compact outboard engines. One of the many reasons why Westcap Honda Marine sells only Honda outboard Explore Yamaha Outboards' full line of outboard power, including four strokes ranging from 2. This Tohatsu outboard engine combine a quiet smooth ride with plenty of power and great fuel efficiency. 5 Yamaha Portable. Like a BMW vs Mercedes vs Porsche. ” Below are the current standard and extended warranty programs offered by the major marine outboard manufacturers. This means the parts you are purchasing are bona-fide OEM Yamaha 90HP outboard parts, as manufactured by Yamaha and complete with Yamaha branding and packaging. Reliability is a key thing for me. Which is best depends on Is Hyundai more reliable than Honda? 1,861 Views · Which one is   Explore the full range of Honda Marine outboard engines and inflatables. I have demoed a boat with a 250 on it and decided I needed more power. Have a Yamaha on Dart #1, about 6 years old, stored on the back of the boat in the snow, no upkeep at all, always runs great. Outboard Motors. For us dependability is critical as we are planning to take the dinghy to some of the most remote places in Greenland and Faroe where an engine failure would likely create an Jul 16, 2019 · Outboard motors tend to evolve at the pace of the Nile crocodile, which dates to the early Pleistocene and has minimal updates for the 2019 model year. 4L. marine. Yamaha? Talking with a friend of mine who knows boats and he seems to think the 115hp is a good idea up here due to the idea you can always throttle back but can't push past your 70 or 90hp limits if needed. plenty of power and very smooth into reverse which is good for drift fishing. At 222cc, it has the largest displacement in its class, and Honda's Power Thrust Propellor - a four-blade propeller design (optional) - creates significantly more thrust in both forward and reverse gears. 3 portable outboard engine… Honda Outboards Show of Strength at SCIBS 2013 Sep 01, 2002 · Specifications in the outboard companies' respective brochures list Honda's 25in-shaft BF225 at 272kg, while Yamaha's 25 in-shaft F225 is 264kg. Ease of use: 4/3 Nov 26, 2013 · BoatingLAB Tests: Outboard Ownership Costs Yamaha F150 Our calculations did not accrue service procedures that fall outside a 300-hour/three-year service window, so Yamaha's 500-hour valve train adjustment, or a fraction of it, is not reflected in calculations. Light enough to carry but powerful enough to punch a tide, they are the workhorse of the tender fleet. Great for aluminum fishing boats, inflatables, sailboats, or as a kicker, the 8hp and 9. Free shipping worldwide,2. Portability, performance, reliability and user-friendliness are the hallmarks of this new portable engine model; the BF4 four-stroke outboard. Mercury Outboard Motors. Honda’s 15hp outboard is easy to transport, compact and lightweight. Introducing the Yamaha Power Pay Program Purchase a Yamaha Outboard from a Yamaha dealer, register for Power Pay, participate in a Yamaha sanctioned tournament and profit from being the highest-place finisher. Honda Marine introduced the BF2. Two of the leading manufacturers of outboard motors have announced new models for  Shop Outboard Boat Motors for Sale at JP Motorsports & Marine in Chula Vista CA near San Diego. The BF250 horsepower four-stroke engine is the most powerful outboard to join the Honda Marine lineup and is now the company’s flagship model. 25-inch diameter prop with the authority required to push the 11,000-pound 11’ 7” wide Grady-White Express 330 up onto plane or over a barn-high swell. It is a wet sump engine. Mar 24, 2013 · My E-TEC has been 6 years of flawless performance…. 2L V6 F250NCA Outboard Motor. The 105 Jet is built on the BF150 platform. Aug 27, 2009 · The Honda engines are not any more fuel efficient than Suzuki or Yamaha. It's a proven engine that shares many components with the Honda Accord, and CRV automobiles- gaining years of proven Honda engineering and reliability. Power/Performance. More than 40 years after Honda introduced the first 4-stroke outboard engine in America, they are still industry leaders in engineering innovations and precision manufacturing. Honda Marine NZ manufactures and sells 4-stroke outboard motors from 2. Sep 25, 2015 · Honda BF250 - Yamaha F250 - Mercury Verado 250 I'm working on a 1985 Glasply 24 ft. heavier than the Merc, but that is due to it's beefier build. Read more. The 20 best Outboard Motors in 2020 ranked based on 99 reviews - Find consumer reviews on ProductReview. May 31, 2016 · the yamaha is saying it is the lightest in that class, I suppose the honda is at the other end of the class. no water ingress into the motor even after heavy backing up in the the slop. Find your new Honda Outboards at Boat Trader today. If you buy a fishing boat, there’s a very good chance it’ll be outfitted with a either a Yamaha Offshore F225, F250, or F300 outboard, or a Mercury Verado in the 225 to 350 horsepower range. I'm looking to buy a new 18. Honda probably still makes the best 4 stroke outboard, they are just too pricey and not sure about service (I just don't really know). ? Do you think the Suzuki is worth a penny and it is a good first choice? Add to that their efficiency, performance and reliability and these pint-sized powerhouses are perfect for all sorts of light duty, like hopping to the cuddy on a tender. Need to know which outboard to select for your new boat? We’ve got you covered. Great for bay boats, aluminum fishing boats, pontoons, and more, the 25hp and 30hp outboard motors pack plenty of punch. Quieter performance. Mercury vs. My local Yamaha dealers have told me that since its release in 2010 the F70A engine has been very popular with repowers of older boats, so Yamaha sure has scored here! Yamaha F70A. This quiet four- stroke in-line engine was inspired by the engine in Honda's top-selling Fit automobile. p. au, Australia's No. Yamaha Outboards provides industry-leading innovation, outstanding performance, incredible power, unequalled customer satisfaction and legendary reliability. All have yamaha motors, but 40 and 50 hp. Yamaha’s F300 might appear less glamorous than the engineering tour-de-force that is the 5. Oh, and if you need a boat first, we also have you covered with our stocked inventory that has everything from brand new state of the art pontoons to the engines that accompany them. We sell Yamaha, Honda, Mercury & Suzuki outboard motors. Dependable, always started, never fouled a plug or failed in any way after 100's of hours on each of the 3 I had. However, each of these is a 'dry' weight that does not include engine oil, gear oil, transom hardware, propeller or prop hardware. 9 offer more of what you want. Wherever the day takes you, you can take along a little extra power with an F6, F4 or F2. Long term testing has proven the Suzuki DF90 to be an incredibly reliable engine. Through consistent innovation and development, Yamaha has continued to develop their line of outboard motors. Dec 29, 2012 · 5th Blown Honda Powerhead Puts Me Out Again! that goes for all outboard engines. And down in Mexico the Mexicans like yamaha. Power and reliability have their perks. Take my motor for example, it makes the most HP between 5200 and 5800. 6) Quiet operation compared to the 2 strokes. At the time Evinrude and Mercury were the only major manufacturers of two stroke engines. Yamaha outboard tech here Yamaha is better. In 1964 we made an outboard engine that was clean, quiet and just as much a part of marine life as the fish. Apr 06, 2018 · Most of the new outboard motors are pretty reliable. I currently have a 2001 Lund with a Yamaha 80 HP that I will be giving to my son. 5 to 400 h. Honda vs Suzuki Outboard | 9. Quality & Reliability. 2-litre V6 more than 100kg lighter in weight, but it also costs a massive £7,000 less to buy - and if you need a multiple rig, that will make an May 23, 2012 · I agree with you ,every motor has its negative write ups and ive seen some real bad ones on yamaha,suzuki,mercury,honda . Jun 18, 2017 · New Yamaha F70 vs Suzuki DF60A, performance comparo They should run Honda for that reason. are now limited to Evinrude models – Mercury and Yamaha no longer sell their 2-stroke engines there, and Suzuki and Honda never built a 2-stroke for outboard use. Hondas IMO are in the same quality and reliability class as Yamaha, but are heavy dogs. East coast guys like the Yamahas the Mercury stuff is popular on Westcoast. All Marine Outboards. Make sure needle seats Nov 06, 2014 · Honda. take your pick ,its personal preference and your choice at the end of the day. com does not offer troubleshooting assistance or repair advice by email or by telephone. Quality, Performance, Innovation, Reliability. Tohatsu is now owned by Nissan but they were actually the oldest Japanese marine engine company, doing that well before Honda, Nissan, Yamaha or Suzuki. Compare the best outboard motors using expert ratings and consumer Yamaha Outboards has been selling outboard motors for over 30 years. So We were all set to install a new Honda 9. 2L Offshore outboards. Well-known for more than just vehicles, Honda is a significant producer of outboard motors with high quality and reliability. I bought it for a J14 I picked up to fish a couple of freshwater lakes around where I lived, so I could putz the kids around so they could fish. With reliability generally taken  13 Feb 2020 Yamaha Outboards has been selling outboard motors for over 30 years. The Rev. You know you can get power (hydraulic ) tilt n trim on 2 stroke outboards? Also, with the added weight  21 Mar 2015 That's why all of NauticStar's Deck Boats are factory installed with high performance Yamaha outboard motors. Not only is this 4. Honda BF40/BF50 and BF80/BF100 are concerned for the environment Honda Complete Outboard Boat Engines. If you shop with Boats. S. FISHOS have more choice than ever before when it comes to outboards. Just got back from Alaska, freind has camp with 11 boats. The Yamaha F350 was introduced as a locomotive of an outboard, a torque-monster 5. versatility and performance, Honda portable outboard motors are easy to use and easy to transport. Well that depends on what you operating RPM range is danny. Yamaha is committed to having LEGENDARY RELIABILITY. Mar 15, 2019 · At that show Yamaha Marine was showing its all-new 5. 5-350hp brand new and genuine Yamaha F90,Suzuki DF90 and Honda BF90 90 boat engines. Outboard engine 8 Mar 2018 The new Yamaha F25 four stroke is the modernday answer to the demise of Four-strokes and the latest DFI two-stroke outboards are also more reliable, quieter, smoother, and much Japan's Honda Marine introduced its first four- stroke outboard in the 1960s, FOUR-STROKE VS DFI TWO-STROKE 19 Apr 2018 Which outboard engines stand head and shoulders above the rest? two-stroke versus four-stroke debate has been re-opened, alternative fuel a year ago was the Honda BF6 (also available in four and five HP models). Yamaha. Yamaha is 1. Thought it was more. Suzuki vs. Dec 29, 2007 · I would say that Honda and Yamaha are both the same in terms of quality and reliability - and Merc would be a step down from them My family owns a marina and we sell both Yamaha and Merc's - and when we sold someone a Merc (which we tried not to do) we would surly see them again that season with engine problems, when we sell Yamaha's - the are rarely any problems I think all major outboard companies produce an excellent product such as Yamaha , Mercury, Suzuki and Honda. Honda’s 9. More battery charging power. Evinrude is the only outboard manufacturer producing a completely two-stroke line. Several years ago Evinrude designed a completely new 2-stroke engine which literally revolutionized 2-stroke design. It's always nice to explore your options before making an outboard purchase. Be sure to check out our outboard motors for Apr 02, 2019 · In places where reliability matters less, like MI, people look more at value / cost savings, which I'd guess lends to the popularity of Mercs. Like all Honda Marine outboard engines, it’s based on the same design and technology that powers Honda automobiles such as the Accord, CR-V, Civic, Fit, Odyssey, and Pilot. I might have to highlight the pros and cons of these 3 bikes. Were you happy with the Honda 150 performance? Do you want more performance? The Honda 150, Yamaha F175, and F200 all weigh about the same and either Yamaha will outperform the Honda. You may also visit the Boat Motor Manuals section of our site to obtain a service manual. Honda’s new line of outboards features four-stroke technology with a focus on fuel-efficiency, quiet operation, and low emissions. 6L vs the Suzuki's 2. market over 40 years ago, Honda Marine has been an Electric versus gas: Gas motors are increasingly becoming more fuel efficient, Their outboards are known for their reliability and innovation, and  9 Apr 2019 Today, their line includes outdoor motors ranging from 2. The outboard we got with our boat is to heavy (approx. Yamaha 15hp vs Honda 15hp outboard? We are about to sail back to Greenland for the Summer and are now ready to purchase a new 4 stroke 15 hp outboard for our RIB. At first glance the Yamaha F70A outboard could be mistaken for being an uprated version of the FT60D. Honda is just as good, too, but there outboard support network is not as strong. Overview of Evinrude vs Yamaha Outboards . So, whether it involves wheels, wings, water, or even walking, everything we do is centred around you. Nobody makes a more reliable, powerful, and efficient lineup of outboard motors than Mercury: Verado, Pro XS, FourStroke, SeaPro, and Jet. They do, however tend to be heavy for their horsepower. When you buy a car, the vehicle already comes equipped with an engine. All of Honda's 4-stroke outboard engines pass the toughest emission regulations in the world. However, if your boat is rated for say, 200hp, I would select the 150. Today's outboard motors are more powerful, more efficient, more reliable, Buy Next, for more a more in-depth inboard-versus-outboard comparison. The BF250 is a high-performance 3. Coast Guard’s Aug 29, 2016 · HIGHLIGHT: "The Honda Marine BF200 is the workhorse of outboard engines. Are you willing to spend the extra about $2K for the F200? The F175 has only been out about 2 years and appears to be a de-rated F200?(Reliability?) Honda Outboards Hold Their Value. honda 25 vs yamaha F25 Walleye Boats and Motors. Honda outboard engines will idle all day, making them perfect for trolling. It is heavier than I wanted, but I needed it to be reliable. 6L V8 XTO offshore 425HP outboard and Mercury Marine had its new line of 4. The reason is the Yamaha is 2. Yamaha Outboards For Sale in Bayville, NJ near Philadelphia, PA and NY. your old Johnson was a 2 stroke so that explains why it was light(er). Their parts prices are absolutely insane. 1 Opinion Site. Yamaha and Mercury are one in the same. dinghy outboard: Honda 2. Find the best outboard engine for your boat, accessories, and Honda Marine dealers. HONDA 150 HP 4-STROKE 150 HP performance and reliability are the hallmarks of Honda Marine’s new and redesigned portable engine models, the BF4, BF5 and BF6 4 Mar 13, 2009 · The first instalment of a ground-breaking outboard engine testing program sees Yamaha* go head to head with E-TEC. 18 new and used Yamaha 90 Hp Tiller Handle boats for sale at about Yamaha outboard parts, dont hesitate to call the experts at Norfolk Marine. Another difference between the tohatsu/merc and the Suzuki is the prop. It is what Yamaha outboards have been proving on the water for the last 30+ years. Just my 2 cents so take it for what its worth. Honda engines meet the new, more stringent CARB emission requirements, and will be ready for the future lower EPA and CARB standards as they are introduced. Dependable performance in a portable package. Information about Honda's response to Covid 19 Home Find a Dealer About Us May 01, 2018 · BoatTEST Newsletter May 1, 2018. Idle All Day. For your boat, however, you have the option to purchase parts. JD Power & Associates noted that the engine was easy to start and highly reliable. SOICHIRO HONDA. Yamaha Advanced engineering lets new 75 and 90 hp four-strokes for the inshore market pare off pounds and increase fuel efficiency Jul 15, 2019 · We've learned that selecting the best outboard motor for your boat will depend on a number of factors. Mercury vs Yamaha. 3 to 250 HP. The Yamaha just seems to be the best compromise of power, economy, and reliability. I love Suzukis but don't like their customer service and parts policy. Yamaha Outboards. Yamaha outboards deliver profound innovation and empowering control, which is why you’ll find Yamahas behind the highest-performing boats in the world. 4) Engines fit without having to drill new holes in my Whaler drive. 9hp delivers dependable quiet performance. Dirt Bikes, Boats and Scooters - Kawasaki, Honda, Yamaha and much more the choice of Yamaha, Suzuki and Honda outboards to re-power your existing  11 Sep 2010 Honda vs Yamaha outboard Honda and Yamaha outboard engines have revolutionized boating. The price maybe a little higher, but they hold a high used value. Each one of these has their advantages and disadvantages. The Goverment started up the big brands and let them run, the Honda ran for 6000 hours. Honda Outboard VS Yamaha Outboard: What Is Best For You . And for the team at Yamaha Outboards, reliability is their primary focus. Oct 10, 2017 · Production of the 50 hp Yanmar Dtorque 111 turbo-diesel has begun and the world's first viable diesel outboard engine is on the market at last. I used these motors daily for 8 days no problems, very smooth. This cross-platform integration of technology illustrates Honda’s commitment to high performance, fuel efficiency and environmental excellence. Yamaha Outboards Mid-Sized Motors: the F115 and F150 If you're looking at hot new fishboat options in the 18 to 21 foot range, there's a good chance you'll be choosing between the Yamaha F115 and the Yamaha F150 as outboard motor options. outboard engine to the U. honda. We compare the fuel efficiency of the Evinrude E-TEC G2 300 with the Yamaha F300 on three different types of boats – center consoles, pontoon boats, and sportboats. Meet Yamaha’s Next Generation of V6 4. This boat will be used 100 to 150 hours per year for I have never had a Yamaha, but I can tell you the Honda is a super outboard. Honda introduced the four-stroke outboard engine to Apr 20, 2017 · Mercury Marine recently employed two outboards, a pair of wine glasses and a decibel meter to demonstrate its superiority in delivering the most enjoyable boating experience. I've done plenty of research concerning the performance of these two engines on a OEM Yamaha Aluminum Prop Vs. Read honest and unbiased product reviews from our users. Mar 15, 2016 · It’s not a loud engine, fitting in with all the others at a steady 60dB at idle. (Merc and Yamaha) in terms of speed, reliability, and ease of repair. WHY BUY A HONDA MARINE OUTBOARD ? Discover why Honda outboards have a reputation for exceptional performance, quality and reliability. Yamaha vs. I'm looking at the Evinrude 115 ETEC, Suzuki 115 Four Stroke, and the Yamaha 115 Four Stroke. 5HP up to 350HP and two stroke models. Today, customers have their choice of 4 stroke motors from 2. Suzuki is throwing a decent offer on a 250 Suzuki and Yamaha is very Hi all, looking for some advice on purchasing a new tiller 30hp outboard for my F390 explorer that I'm currently "pimping" before it hits the water. This 4 stroke is air cooled, which is nice since you don't have to flush after each use. So why should you choose an  27 Feb 2019 In May, Mercury and Yamaha unveiled naturally aspirated outboards with V-8 Honda Marine, the originator of the four-stroke outboard, introduced a new 250- hp engine “The hole shot is amazing, and it's so reliable. 3 HP Engine 15" Shaft Gas Powered Outboard Motor at Amazon. Also, service is harder to get on a Suzuki. Fast and powerful, they sport 1. Based on the BF60’s proven platform, the 40 Jet takes everything you love about the BF60 and adds the versatility of a jet drive. Aug 22, 2018 - Outstanding quality, reliability, technology, and fuel efficiency are strengths you will find in every Honda outboard motor. I've also owned a Yamaha Virago 535, and a Yamaha Vstar 950. The 4-stroke 5hp outboard engine is the staple power source for most small tenders. But the Apr 18, 2006 · The engineering challenge is to build a powerful four-stroke outboard that's not too heavy to balance on the transom of a bass boat. Four-stroke outboard motors are becoming increasingly popular over inboard/outboard stern drive motors on pleasure and ski boats for a variety of reasons. The Honda 8hp delivers more power than comparable classes of outboards. Though Honda and Yamaha are rivals in . So - to all outboard buffs - what was the best outboard ever produced with 4 - 6 hp, less than 20 kg and some decent reliability? By negating the need for intrusive engine boxes and the kind of internal engineering that goes with mounting engines inboard, Yamaha has put a new set of options on the table about the stern configuration of boats that once were stuck with a choice between shafts and sterndrives. By Jim Harnwell. “The Honda 4 Stroke 8HP is a great dependable motor. Yamaha F300. Apr 17, 2017 · As the outboard motor owner, you should, however, be aware that Suzuki may deny you warranty coverage if your outboard motor or a part has failed due to abuse, neglect, improper maintenance or unapproved modifications. 2) More torque than the Yamaha 4 strokes. The technology applied to the refreshed Honda BF200, BF225 and BF250 V6 engines is derived from Honda automobiles, gained from years of proven Honda engineering, precision manufacturing and reliability. Honda Outboards (9) The F20 features all the benefits of a reliable Yamaha 4-stroke outboard in a compact, lightweight and portable package that rivals any 2 Aug 29, 2016 · Nate, I had an `08 Tohatsu 9. Everything else is pretty comparable. Honda introduces the world’s first 225 HP four-stroke engine and VTEC® Technology is introduced in a marine engine for the first time. 3-litre V8 F350, but it remains a more complete power option for most outboard buyers. This page will give you some suggestions and show what differences there are for the outboard engine. 28 Aug 2014 Our trio of 4-stroke engines were the Honda BF90, Mercury 90EFI and the Suzuki DF90. If you search across PWC forums and FB groups, you can see many feuds heated by reliability factors. 2L was one of the first outboard  4 Oct 2017 Honda and Yamaha Release New 2018 Outboards. Yamaha Outboard Motors Undeniable Performance and Reliability. Of course, Honda quality combines proven reliability and superior fuel efficiency, with no oil mixing. Welcome to our shop online to choose the one you want "With a new design, a new engine powering the BF200 and BF225, multiple rigging options and Honda's legendary durability and reliability, Honda Marine delivers best-in-class power and performance from initial blast to top end speed for the new BF200, BF225 and BF250 outboard motors," said Will Walton, assistant vice president, Honda Marine. 3 to 250 horsepower,  The Yamaha 115 hp and the all-new 90 hp and 75 hp Midrange four strokes are reliable inshore performers. 8 4-stroke and only 6hrs on it. Read here to learn about the difference between a Yamaha and Honda outboard . 8-liter displacement  31 Jan 2007 Six of the most reliable and best performing outboard motors. Going forward from July 1, 2018, outboard engine manufacturers, importers and distributors will no longer be able to import traditional carby two-stroke outboards, or any other outboard engines that don't meet the new standards. Following is a summary of my digging. Its not the cheapest, not the most expensive, but I think is the best compromise. Inboard/Outboard Stern Drive Posted on March 21, 2015 November 18, 2019 by 530medialab. ” Written on: 12/09/2006 by Puppur (1 review written) The Honda 4 Stroke 8HP is a great dependable motor. 8 outboard motor is an excellent choice for small skiffs, inflatables as well as sailboats for auxiliary power. The joy of moving you is what moves us. I would go for the Suzuki if you have to have a 4 stroke, and like Honda, that's all they sell. 8hp outboard engine is the lightest four-stroke in its class yet still delivers that power you crave. however, i still don't like the 'ringing' noise at 1500rpm, something to do with shims, or lack of them apparently. From low speed maneuvers to full-throttle boating, the Honda BF75, BF90 and BF100 outboard motors deliver exceptional performance as well as excellent fuel efficiency. Top 5 Outboard Motors To calculate the top 5's we take the following factors into account: • All the star ratings the company/product has received, • The number of reviews • How recent the reviews are The exciting performance, power and reliability of the new BF250 four-stroke outboard engine are the result of several exclusive Honda Marine technological features. Mar 08, 2018 · The new Yamaha F25 four stroke is the modernday answer to the demise of the traditional two-stroke carby outboard. Simon Everett takes Honda's latest BF250 engine for a test drive and finds out more about the engine's 'EcoMo' Honda BF250 engine test: economic and powerful - boats. Feb 28, 2017 · If your boat has a max hp rating of 150hp, the Suzuki will likely be great. For a boat motor that’s there when you need it, Yamaha is the one to trust. Honda outboards hold their value in the used market better than other brands on the Australian market. I've owned 2 Honda Accords, a Honda CRV, a Honda lawn mower, a Honda Moped, a Honda Rebel, and now a Honda NC700x. 3 Portable Outboard. The Yamaha motor has been great and I would like a Yamaha (150HP) on the new boat. Long track record of performance and reliability. 9 are 4-stroke portable marine engine. I have a Merc 15 hp 4 stroke model year 2003, I bought it used starts every time and runs great. Yamaha Outboard Forum; If this is your first visit, be sure to check out the FAQ by clicking the link above. Going off my own personal experiences and those of people I know, I have come down to either lower priced carby Honda BF30 or top dollar EFI Yamaha F30LA. 9 - 15 - 20 - 25 - 50 - 60 - 90 - 115 - 150 - 200 - 225 - 250 - 300 hp Liters and Gallons per Hour | Fuel consumption 2020 Yamaha 90hp Four stroke outboard motors sale. Collapse. Suzukis are a fair amount cheaper so the dealer might be getting a higher profit by selling you one. The Yamaha 115 4stroke is rated at 401 lbs, which is the boat's limit. May 04, 2017 · New Outboard Motors 2017. The new BF4 is easy to start, easy to stop and easy to carry thus making it ideal for small fishing boa my one year old 50hp suzuki 4 stroke has been awesome on the F14. Rounding out the Honda portable outboards is the 20hp delivering all that power and reliability you expect from a Honda. I'm starting the bracket installation this winter and should be ready for a motor this early Spring. Love the motors, and truly believe they will go down in history as one of the best line of motors ever to run the waters of this earth. You may have to register before you can post: click the register link above to proceed. Suzuki has unleashed the 300 hp DF, at just 604 pounds — not only the industry's most powerful four-stroke Sterndrive Versus Outboard. hands down. In 2007 Yamaha introduced a monstrous V-8 outboard, the F350, producing 350 horsepower. One reason why check your thermostat and see if you have one some people take them out to run cooler, big mistake this will cause unburnt gas to leak into your crank case causing to high of oil level. I am interested in an engine/prop combo that is strong out of the hole, reasonably quick (don't have to set any speed records), has good reliability, and has good fuel economy. 3-liter V8 swinging a 16. 0HP vs Mercury 3. Jul 29, 2017 · I consider to buy Honwave T40 + 6 HP outboard but there are couple of decent outboard brands out there and it make me slightly confused. Merc. 2-liter F250 allows you to step up your horsepower and displacement without replacing your rigging. Shop the best selection of 99 Honda outboard motors & engines for your boat. Aug 07, 2018 · Yamaha. We had more Mercurys from returns that we had in stock. The BF8 and BF9. In addition to the updated Honda BF40 / BF50 and BF80 / BF100, after the US debut in Miami, the ultra-high performance outboard engine concept inspired by Honda NSX supercar’s look and technology will be exhibited for the first time in Europe. 4 cubic inch) 4-stroke model weighing in at 366 pounds (166 kg). The cruising levels of 79dB at cruise and 92dB at top speed are also on par with the Mariner if not the quieter Honda and Yamaha. Patented Marine technology helps these engines run consistently. Richard's Skoota 28 got through many miles with Tohatsu engines without much trouble. With Oct 15, 2018 · Read reviews and complaints about Honda Marine, including their various outboard motor options, parts and accessories, special financing and more. 5) 3 year factory warranty. 0HP 4-stroke outboard, and the Mercury 3. Mercury Marine’s line-up includes four-stroke outboards from 2. including the original plugs. 3 2. That is, boats close to the biggest hulls that can be trailered MarineEngine. I know Yamaha makes some good stuff I have 2 Yamaha quads and wouldn't own anything else. 5 ft Lund boat and I noticed they all come with Mercury outboard motors (I think Brunswick owns both companies). net you don't need to pay a fortune for your OEM Honda 20 HP outboard parts because we discount all our OEM parts by as much as 80% below retail! Oct 17, 2012 · I'm hopefully going to be able to place an order for a new 2575 this winter, but I'm still undecided on which size outboard to choose. 26 Aug 2018 In this video Yak motley and I discuss the truth about yamaha and suzuki boat motors. To start viewing messages, select the forum that you want to visit from the selection below. These award winners are packed with Yamaha’s legendary reliability, which is why so many anglers won’t trust anything else a hundred miles out. This is my experience in the bush with small outboards including Johnson, Etec, Yamaha, Honda, and Tohatsu. Click here if you cannot view the newsletter. ADVANCED PERFORMANCE Dec 26, 2008 · I have limited my choice to a 225 Yamaha 4 stroke or a 225 E-TEC. No other company has manufactured outboards that could beat the Honda and Yamaha outboard engines. Bill: Fishmore: posted 02-22-2010 12:20 AM ET (US) I am planning to buy a 15 hp 4 stroke Yamaha or Honda (for use in fishing here in central Florida) on a 350 lb 14' aluminum boat but am unable to find any users to advise me RE which is the better outboard motor. Who makes the best outboard motor is still up for debate, but we have listed several manufacturers in this article that should be in contention. Whatever your boating need there is a Yamaha outboard for it. com United Kingdom GB This gives the Canadian outboard company a significant advantage over its competitors in regards to savings on servicing costs and reducing time off the water. high- torque acceleration, impressive top-end speed with legendary Honda reliability. e. honda vs yamaha outboard reliability

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